Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today is my birthday. And I love it.

So my sister Christie wanted to do the dessert for my birthday dinner on Sunday. So she texts me “what do you want for your birthday cake or dessert?”

I was feeling a little silly and decided to answer like the sort of sarcastic wench that I am. So I tell her “IDK…maybe a red velvety cake with hand whipped cream cheese frosting with my birthstones bordering the outside and a soft chocolate crumble topping it off.” {ha. Obvi joke.}

She replies simply,  “what’s your birthstone”. {Hahahahahaha!} 

I reply “I was just kidding! We can just have like brownies with ice cream”

She replies “I’m doing it…what’s your birthstone”.

I reply “I was JUST KIDDING……..but it’s aquamarine…:) ”

And sure enough…

To the teeeee. Edible birthstone dots and all. She was so dedicated to the description that she actually hand whipped the cream cheese and refused to even use the hand mixer…because then it wouldn’t truly be hand whipped. Haha. Oh, it was awesome. She is awesome.

And furthermore....

You know what my mature answer to what my favorite thing is about birthdays? The nice people I know. I have this realization every year that I know such kind and thoughtful people. It’s this birthday thing where people just come through for you. People you haven’t talked to in 10 years write on your facebook, or you wake up with texts from close friends that thought of you  first thing in the morning, or someone you’ve only met once shares that one memory you have with them, or even strangers you walk past while holding birthday balloons give you a birthday greeting. It’s just so…. nice. Everyone cares about you having a good day. And I love that. And it fills me up with fuzzies and spills out all over in mush form like this.

Since I’m assuming only humans read this….Thanks for being good and kind and funny and thoughtful people, people. I appreciate it. You are all invited to my house for my birthday celebration tonight! Oh, you can’t come? Shame. Well it’s the thought that counts :)


  1. well, happy birrrrrthday!!!!
    may you have a year of health and happiness ahead of you!
    xx jes

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a fabulous day :) I LOVE reading your blog, you are hilarious! It makes my day haha!

  3. Happy Birthday! Fabulous cake!

  4. Bahaha nice cake! It's like actually really cute I can't believe she did that!


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