Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The weekend we wore matching red shoes.

This is what our weekend with AlyPop looked like:

Joe's Farm Grill {for din AND breakfast}, Mani's and Pedi’s, Starbucks, Surprise!! {it's a city}, Ranger's Game {best!}, Ballpark food, Tempe, Dueling Pianos {didn't play our request :( }, Scottsdale, Fashion Square, Sprinkles {red velvs. goodness}, Movie Theatre, Froyo @ Yogurtopia, & an old pictures and memories sesh. 

Yep. That was a helli-copt of a good time.

Highlights reel: 

Since Alyson works for the TX Rangers…she got us great seated ticks to a spring training game! Right when we sat down good, OLD Larry King was standing right in front of us and we exchanged hellos… so we’re pretty much homies by now. Plus Chris caught a ball that one of the Dodgers players threw into the stands. And he’s been smelling it ever since..... Haha. Not kidding.  

The 12 year old girl working at the salon {despite child labor laws} that had crusty banana chips falling out her mouth.. and one eye glued to the Princess Bride while she made us jump from seat to seat….pretty much set the theme for the rest of our salon experience. And my Gel nails have already peeled off. More of a bad cust serve lowlight…but definitely memorable. 

We went to see This Means War and when Chris Pine told Reese he loves her… Alyson honestly thought he was talking to her. So she mesmerized-ingly replied out loud {loud enough for the guy taking up 2 seats at the end of our aisle to hear}  “I love YOU”. Haha! Silly.

The last night we went through a box of old pictures and our heads of old memories. Ranging from elementary to twenties. It was hilar to say the least. Bust guttin memories and ‘what were we thinking’ styles. But really…what were we thinking?

Loved it. 
And then she left me.  Poo. Miss you. Come again.


What up?