Monday, March 26, 2012

Well you can't win em all.

 This outfit picture day is not exact what I {or Charlie Sheen} would call WINNING. I had a saucy little front braid in my hair but the wind was all up in that guy and my accessories were not high five-ing me at all. Someone needs to teach those accessors some manners. Confession....I have three different outfits that I took pictures in that I just straight up did not post up...because of the fugness. Whatcha gonna do?

Monday found me again. But I have been cookin up quite a full schedule this week so hopefully {fingers crossed} it goes by fast and the weekend will greet me again before I even noticed hump day had passed. I planned to workout every day this week since I'm going swimsuit shopping on Saturday {its a mental thing} but between bowling with friends, hair appt, book club, Easter pageant and date night....that's prob gonna be pretty impossibly hard. 

I think I can I think I can I think I can....

 My husband is so proud of my goal. I kinda want to do it just to impress the little stud muff. And also so that every time I tell him "careful...that's hot", he'll keep saying "no YOU are hot"...with a smile. Yep. It's important that he keeps doing that.


  1. i happen to love this outfit. maybe charlie sheen might not say its winning but jes from two smuppies def does!
    xx jes

  2. OK, I'm inspired by your blog. I need to be way cuter. I think it's time for closet inventory!

    1. Oh THANKS! I have not felt cute lately. I think shopping will do the trick :)


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