Friday, April 27, 2012

Hot diggity dogs of my bosses gave us some DiamondBacks tickets for all the "good ideas" i've submitted to the exec offices for the company....which actually translates into "I'm friends with your husband and I know he's a sports fanatic". Which doesn't really matter either way because they were sa-weet seats and we had a top notch time rooting for the home team. 

We ate every ballpark snack we could get our hands on, Chris {very}loudly cheered the DBacks on to win by a mile, there were multiple exciting home runs, an extremely belligerently drunk guy sat right behind us, and the pitcher from the other team had a ball ricochet off his glove and bounce right onto the top of his noggin while he was looking all around for it. Hilarious and quite entertaining. We love that place.


  1. So fun!! And Ball Park treats are my FAVE!! {Now I'm going to be craving hot dogs and nachos! HA!}

    1. Seriously....outside of the ballpark I think hot dogs and nacho cheese are the most disgusting things. But at the ballpark...heaven :)

  2. Free tickets are the best! Looks like you all had a blast!


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