Friday, April 6, 2012


Grrrreeat Friday! Not just good. Great. And delicious..because I'm going to Olive Gard for lunch with my favorite girls slash women.

Then I will need to take advantage of the lazy fact that I am the only one of us that gets the day off work and catch up on Real Housewives. These days I only like New Jersey and Beverly Hills. So any time I watch any of the others I tend to temporarily hate myself. So that sounds like fun.

Has anyone seen Mirror Mirror yet? I need to know if I need to see it or if I need to stay away. And I need someone to come clean my house. Because its been a long week...and cleaning doesn't really go along with my "lazy weekend" theme. Oh, I'm ready for this. Chocolate bunnies, yes. ;)


  1. Not yet! But I want to!!! I sat through Wrath of the I am gonna make my husband sit through it :) If you see it, let me know how it is!

    1. hahaha I totally will. I didn't have time to see it this last weekend so fingers crossed for the next one :)

  2. You need to see Mirror Mirror! It's super cute! :)

    ps-thank you for your sweet comment yesterday, i tried to email you back, but it wouldn't let me! no-reply was on! :( bummer!
    Also- I had NO idea you lived in Gilbert! I am moving to Phoenix in June! :) blogger meet-up in the near future? :)


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