Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My 5 hometowns

And I’m off to Idaho!

It’s crazy how sometimes you can’t wait to get the heck away from a place… and then miss it semi-terribly once you’re gone.  I imagine that is how a lot of people feel about the hometowns they grew up in. They’ve been there forever and just want to branch out. But they actually miss their home town comfort. Yes?  I wouldn’t exactly know about that. But I do know that tomorrow I am going to Rexburg and I am supa excited bout it. Whenever we graduated college we could. not. WAIT to get out of there. Five years off and on in a very small town. Done with it. But now I’m happy that I get to be in that cute lil memory-filled place once again.

You know….I actually consider Rexburg to be one of my five hometowns. True story. Five cities where I have special memories. Those are my hometowns:

{one} Fort Worth, TX – Childhood into teen hood. I grew up there.  Pubertized there. Learned life and had my best of friends there.

{two} University Place, WA – Lived there during a pivotal time when my mom became a single working mom and it was just me and my two little sibs. Oh, Wash…we went through a lot together.

{three} Rexburg, ID – Lived on my own for the very first time there. Gained a big, strong testimony of the gospel there. Met my husband & started our life there.

{four} Bonney Lake, WA – Lived there off and off between college semesters {home is where your mom is}. Got engaged there.  Added our puppin to our family there.

{five} Gilbert, AZ – Establishing our own hometown here :)

Aaaahhhhhhh memories. Ok...I'm out. 


  1. i think i would consider myself to have 2 hometowns. san francisco which will always be home 1.0 and then portland can be home 2.0 one day. one day.

  2. Oh that hat! I love it! :) I am the same way too :) well kind of. I consider Arizona my hometown even though I have lived in UT longer! Have a fun trip!


    you are gorgeous!


    1. Thanks! I'll check out your blog tonight :)


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