Wednesday, April 18, 2012


What do you get when you cross a group of old college roommates with their old college town and a free weekend with nothing to do but soak up each other's hilarity?

Well, I'll tell you...

You get a group of girls that are 24+ years old that are maybe married that are maybe pregnant that maybe even have a baby with them...that maybe just want to act like they are 18 and eat just junk food and maybe have a slumber party and maybe even make a music video and maybe even get a lil crazy and decide to make some margaritas and go mattress surfing down some very steep stairs. No real injuries...thanks to our margaritas being virgins. 

You get those pictures up there. You get a drive around the city to see all of the insane changes. You get  meals at Millhollow, Costa Vida, Sammys, New York Burrito, Pizza Pie Cafe and even some overpriced drinks at the old Horkleys. 

You also get old friends reuniting and taking trips to the hot springs and Fat Cats{aka the rex} for glow golf, nerf cannons, skittles bowling and arcade games. You get visiting cousins who just had soft skinned fuzzy headed babies. You really just get all kinds of cool people. 

You also get very tired from all that fun. So you get naps and hours of watching FRIENDS and Sweaty Hat breakfasts in sweats and hats. You get a lot of reminisced memories and laughable pictures. 

You get the best time ever.

{Thanks Best Friends...and thank you Idaho. love.}


  1. Sounds like you guys had a BLAST! I love those times with friends, there's nothing more fun :)

  2. Aw I love it! I'm sad I missed that skittles bowling, I would have liked to see amber with that hat on her head haha. I miss you, let's plan our next trip please!! And I just proofread this comment like 5 times, so if I have any missing words then I have a serious problem!

  3. You guys remind me so much of my friends. We don't get enough of those weekends of fun and reminicing though. You've inspired me to schedule one immediately. ;)


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