Monday, April 2, 2012


Today…. I am berry bummed that the weekend is over {as usual} but I am also very much lookin forward to all the festivities we have on the sched  for Easter weekend!

Today…. I could win the bracket challenge at work. And receive a sweet prize. I’m in third right now…..c’mooooon Kentucky!

Today…. I will eat every single thing I brought for lunch way too early in the day and my growling tummy will make me regret it later. Patty always makes me pay. 

Today…. I am loving my “My Chihuahua bites” colored nails. Makes me leak a smile. 

Today…. I will talk about making dinner and working out. But will most likely end up suggesting we do froyo for dinner…and flipping through my Martha Stewart craft book to find some Easter crafties to do. 

Today…. I am only pretending to care about these other things I have listed. I’m really just feeling very very sad that a cousin of mine is in very bad shape at the hospital. Just feeling overwhelming worry for her and the whole Westergard family. I spent the whole night last night tossing and turning and thinking about how unfair it seems for a sweet and beautiful teenage girl to be suddenly fighting for her life in the hospital. 

Today…. I will be texting Chris all day to let him know how much I love him. Life is so precious and fragile. 

Today…. I am so extremely thankful for my health. Hope everyone has a bright and Easter-candy-filled Monday.


  1. Hello mellissa! :) Thnx for droppin by my blog. Im a new follower.
    I love that outfilt, esp the pastel belt so cute. And I agree with the last Today post :)

  2. Gorgeous!!! Loving your skirt! :)

    1. Thanks Liesl! Loving your comments and LOVE your name.

  3. holy smokes...LOVE the skirt! LOVE LOVE!

    come on over and follow my colorful blog (I think you'd enjoy it--not that I'm bias or anything ha)


  4. oooh I am in love with this outfit. Looking hot!!


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