Thursday, May 31, 2012


Have you ever really thought about what a Hot Air Balloon ride entails? Let's stand inside a wicker type basket that really only comes up to about mid-thigh and blow an enormous, hot flame into the opening of an gigantic, thin, hollow flammable balloon to raise you hundreds of feet into the air where you lose all control and give it up to the wind to take you where she wants. It looks fun and cute and innocent but when you really think about what you’re should be absolutely terrified. I mean…when you really think about it…who would do that? Well I'll tell you….we would! But what can you expect…it is our YOF {year of fun} and all...

So this past weekend when we were in Utah my fun-seeking Dadbo set up the HAB day for us. Yess!! We had to wake up at the stenchy butt crack of dawn and actually help assemble the balloon right in the middle of a residential street. ketchy. The morning was full of wide eyes, bunds of nerves and plenty of HAB puns. The basket only holds three peeps comfortably so we went up in two's. Natalie & Spencer, Me & Chris, Kimmie & Kailey, and Dad & Lisa. When you’re not on the ba-yoon then you get to be a part of the Balloon Chase Team....or no one calls it. Since there isn’t much control of where the balloon will land we had to try to chase the balloon via car...let's be honest...we just followed the actual BCT. 

When it was husb and my turn to hop inside I fully expected to survive off of an adrenaline high and be screaming with excitement. But slowly floating into the air was surprisingly really calm and peaceful {except for the loud blaze sound each & every time he hit the fire lever}. We drifted over farm fields and looked down on houses and tiny peeps. It was awesome. And I actually feel like it never really happened…like a dream, maybe? I wouldn’t actually believe that it really did happen if it weren’t for the millions of pictures and vids we took. Cold, hard proof.

We capped the morning off with an aeronauts ceremony…initiating us into the club apparently. It was legit…we had to kneel on a HAB fabric thing, and recite a HAB poem and toast with sparkling cider and errything. I feel cool. It was a fantastic experience. Hey ya'll.......HAB a HABBY day.
{the HAB gang.}
{Fillin her up...}
{Just in the middle of a street. That thing is huge}
{Ready to fly}
{saying our prayers}
{That's us up there in that teeny basket}
{bucket list item #16: CHECK!}

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Grad Party

Holy extended weekend of busy and funship. We took off to St. George to throw my baby sister a fabu graduation party! We are SO proud of our little Kay Kay. Everything went off without a hitch. The party was so much fun. And set an awesome tone for the rest of the weekend which included the Grad party, Game night, MIB3D, pool and sunshine and Hot Air Balloon riding{next post}...mixed with great family and great food!! Repeat please. 

{mombo did such an awesome job with the photo display!}

{pinning the diploma on the Kailey. ha!}
{The grad}

{a very competitive game of chocolate milk pong. gotta prep for college :)}

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bach-ette: Week 3 Comments...

Don't read if you haven't watched yet. No sir-ee joe. 

I love this show. Although...I am realizing that there are way more guys that I fiercely can't stand than ones that I even semi-partially like. But always good times.

So...first things first...what the FREAK is Stevie? Yes...I meant to say 'what' and not 'who'. What are you? Get the H out of here. When her friends asked what he would take her to do on a date he starts pop locking!?!?! you bug me....thank you for leaving.

To Tony...your voice is so horribly nasally be honest...I don't believe that your sobbing emotional scenes about missing your son are sincere. But I did think it was completely and utterly hilarious when Emily was telling him she was sending him home and he seemed to not even fully realized what was happening. Just thought they were having a good ol' convo. Then the taxi van pulls up and he's gone. Hahaha!

It seemed that Arie had a good date goin on. But...let's be honest....Emily was waaaaay way more attracted to Dolly P. than Arie on this one. I actually think she forgot Arie was even present for a while. Also.... loved that Emily acted like she wasn't going to give him the rose. hilar and ballsy. But....question....does anyone else think that Emily has had a lil botox on her flawless face... already at the age of 26? It never ever moves. It is seemingly TOO perfect....and I can never tell what emotion she is feeling. She should be a pro poker player with that one.

Alessandro...I have no words for the sewage that came out of your garden-weed hair mouth last night.

I am so disappointed in my picks right now. Arrrrg. What did my picks accomplish this week? Well....Ryan made the bonehead comment about how she can't get fat after she gets married....and other guy let her smash open a giant egg. nicely done idiots. I hate you. And I am extremely jealous of Chris' pick Sean...he's perfection this week. I've lost my how am I going to weasel a trade...... :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The New BACH-ETTE Review

Last night was the night. The night of excitement and strategy. The night of the telly getting yelled at out of sheer frustration of the stupidity of the fug cheese faces that aren't there for the 'right reasons'. Of course I am talking about the Bachelorette: Draft Night. Cereal business here.

Can I just say that I am pretty extremely disappointed with the guys included in this season of the bach-ette. Emily is a gorgeous, sweet, petite, disney-princess voiced, perfect veneered toothed, fiercely protective, life-sized barbie mama. America's sweetheart...if you will. So naturally I was planning on following 25 man-hunks of hotness vying for her heart (we as a society like looking at attractive people, no?). But that is not what I beheld. Seriously...I don't agree with these man-children....Wolf man.....Al-e Ale-jandro......Stevie the cheevy....exciteable caveman....egg cuddler...Cologne the french man and the talk of his own town....and....AND....Michael a.k.a.....The Beast turned prince....the moment he transforms. Try to tell me this is not the same man.....

Bahahahaha! At least brothers? I'll take it.

No I do not agree but I will still watch faithfully. And dissect every square inch of image that shows up on the screen. The outfits...the freak outs...the body language...the camera-man mess ups...It's the American way of life ok.

I'm not too comfortable with my picks this season. But just so everyone can root for are our draft pick results....

Melissa:  Ryan - Mr. Perfection sans the hair & Travis - the unknown leftovers that won't win...I was last pick with this one

Kimmie:  Arie - RacecarArizonaman & Chris - I look like a Russian

Rhyll:  Doug - first impression rose Dad & Charlie - The bulldog lover with the speech prob

Chris: Sean - fitness fit baby face & Jef - Bruno Mars hair... with one 'f'

 Good luck and may the most entertaining man win. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

The California Surprise!

So.... for Mom's Day weekend us little sneakies decided to plan a big, huge fat surprise for Chris' mom, Michelle. She is always always doing so much for all of us and I feel like we don't do nearly enough for her. So Dan, Alyssa, G&G Arnold and Chris and I planned for all of us to show up in California unannounced to spend the whole weekend celebrating Mothers day AND her birthday with her!

Alyssa was coming from Provo, Dan and the grandparents were coming from St. George and we were coming from AZ {obvi}. Chris' Dad was helping us orchestrate the whole thing so we were pretty impressed with ourselves to be able to keep this big secret for weeks and show up at our meeting spot in CA within ten minutes of each other. Props to all involved. 

Our plan was to all show up on the doorstep....knock knock knock...and have her open the door to all our smiling faces. But we found that she had just left for a shopping trip when we arrived. We thought we would just wait it out but once we found out that Costco and Winco were in the plans for the night...we knew it could be a long while. So we decided to just go to the house and hide inside for when she got home. Four HOURS later (my MIL knows how to SHOP) we saw her driving up and all six of us piled into the Harry Potter closet under the stairs. Once she was inside and the anticipation was built to the tippy top we all walked out and merrily shouted "Happy Mothers Day"!!

Michelle was in total and complete shock. Like for reaction ever. She looked like she was seeing ghosts and it was so much fun to actually pull off a genuine surprise! Her quiet weekend at home was suddenly replaced with a loud and activity filled weekend with her entire family (minus Bethany)!

We had a fantastic weekend all together. We got to celebrate Papas 75th birthday, headed down to San Diego for some old town and beach action, had a cake and presents celebration, skyped with Bethany and laughed and laughed and laughed {as per usual}. I am so blessed to be a part of this family and get to call it my own. Memories definitely made. Can't wait til next time!

Friday, May 4, 2012

How you know you're busy....

You know those cute 'what's in my purse' posts that people do? With the perfectly placed never-used cosmetics peeking out of the designer bag. Yeah...this isn't one of those. This is a picture of the moment I dumped my purse out at the end of a recent busy day... 

I just need to point out that...when you carry around a magic Aladdin style lamp {can you spot it?}, a metal pencil cup and a very padded bra with you everywhere you go...for days without have a busy problem. I mean....a magic lamp?! And not to mention 7 pens. SEVEN. 

Don't mind....because ....It's MAY!!!!!! What a great month. May is one of the top 2 busiest months of the year for me and mine. The good kind of busy. Busy celebrating all kinds of dealios. We have FIVE family member's birthdays. Mothers day. An out of state road trip. Memorial day. A graduation. And weekend visitors coming to town. 

It all starts today. I love you, May.