Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bach-ette: Week 3 Comments...

Don't read if you haven't watched yet. No sir-ee joe. 

I love this show. Although...I am realizing that there are way more guys that I fiercely can't stand than ones that I even semi-partially like. But always good times.

So...first things first...what the FREAK is Stevie? Yes...I meant to say 'what' and not 'who'. What are you? Get the H out of here. When her friends asked what he would take her to do on a date he starts pop locking!?!?! you bug me....thank you for leaving.

To Tony...your voice is so horribly nasally and...to be honest...I don't believe that your sobbing emotional scenes about missing your son are sincere. But I did think it was completely and utterly hilarious when Emily was telling him she was sending him home and he seemed to not even fully realized what was happening. Just thought they were having a good ol' convo. Then the taxi van pulls up and he's gone. Hahaha!

It seemed that Arie had a good date goin on. But...let's be honest....Emily was waaaaay way more attracted to Dolly P. than Arie on this one. I actually think she forgot Arie was even present for a while. Also.... loved that Emily acted like she wasn't going to give him the rose. hilar and ballsy. But....question....does anyone else think that Emily has had a lil botox on her flawless face... already at the age of 26? It never ever moves. It is seemingly TOO perfect....and I can never tell what emotion she is feeling. She should be a pro poker player with that one.

Alessandro...I have no words for the sewage that came out of your garden-weed hair mouth last night.

I am so disappointed in my picks right now. Arrrrg. What did my picks accomplish this week? Well....Ryan made the bonehead comment about how she can't get fat after she gets married....and other guy let her smash open a giant egg. nicely done idiots. I hate you. And I am extremely jealous of Chris' pick Sean...he's perfection this week. I've lost my mojo....now how am I going to weasel a trade...... :)


  1. Hahaha the guys this season are the worst! How is Ryan just going to talk about her getting fat? haha what a tool. And how creepy was Alessandro, so glad he's gone. And can you please tell me why Alajandro is still there? I don't think I've heard him say two words! We need to live by eachother so we can have Bachelor parties.

  2. I know, right!? My pics weren't doing so hot! I thought I loved ryan but I fear things are about to go south with him real fast! I'm thinking that he's about to make this a competition and Emily is not going to go for that mentality. Arie. . .my new love. And it seems Emily's too. They are like a cute married couple. I love it that he is not "beautiful" like some of the others. He's real. And I think she sees that. And let's be honest, she's a little bit infatuated with the fact that he's a race car driver. Wouldn't we all be?! Speaking of infatuation, you hit the nail right on the head with Dolly P. I think Emily found her match! What a good episode. Looking forward to seeing what these boneheads cook up in Bermuda!


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