Monday, May 21, 2012

The California Surprise!

So.... for Mom's Day weekend us little sneakies decided to plan a big, huge fat surprise for Chris' mom, Michelle. She is always always doing so much for all of us and I feel like we don't do nearly enough for her. So Dan, Alyssa, G&G Arnold and Chris and I planned for all of us to show up in California unannounced to spend the whole weekend celebrating Mothers day AND her birthday with her!

Alyssa was coming from Provo, Dan and the grandparents were coming from St. George and we were coming from AZ {obvi}. Chris' Dad was helping us orchestrate the whole thing so we were pretty impressed with ourselves to be able to keep this big secret for weeks and show up at our meeting spot in CA within ten minutes of each other. Props to all involved. 

Our plan was to all show up on the doorstep....knock knock knock...and have her open the door to all our smiling faces. But we found that she had just left for a shopping trip when we arrived. We thought we would just wait it out but once we found out that Costco and Winco were in the plans for the night...we knew it could be a long while. So we decided to just go to the house and hide inside for when she got home. Four HOURS later (my MIL knows how to SHOP) we saw her driving up and all six of us piled into the Harry Potter closet under the stairs. Once she was inside and the anticipation was built to the tippy top we all walked out and merrily shouted "Happy Mothers Day"!!

Michelle was in total and complete shock. Like for reaction ever. She looked like she was seeing ghosts and it was so much fun to actually pull off a genuine surprise! Her quiet weekend at home was suddenly replaced with a loud and activity filled weekend with her entire family (minus Bethany)!

We had a fantastic weekend all together. We got to celebrate Papas 75th birthday, headed down to San Diego for some old town and beach action, had a cake and presents celebration, skyped with Bethany and laughed and laughed and laughed {as per usual}. I am so blessed to be a part of this family and get to call it my own. Memories definitely made. Can't wait til next time!


  1. Oh my gosh your back!! :) yay!

    1. I'm so glad someone missed me!! haha! I had a few very busy busy weeks but I'm back now :)

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