Thursday, May 31, 2012


Have you ever really thought about what a Hot Air Balloon ride entails? Let's stand inside a wicker type basket that really only comes up to about mid-thigh and blow an enormous, hot flame into the opening of an gigantic, thin, hollow flammable balloon to raise you hundreds of feet into the air where you lose all control and give it up to the wind to take you where she wants. It looks fun and cute and innocent but when you really think about what you’re should be absolutely terrified. I mean…when you really think about it…who would do that? Well I'll tell you….we would! But what can you expect…it is our YOF {year of fun} and all...

So this past weekend when we were in Utah my fun-seeking Dadbo set up the HAB day for us. Yess!! We had to wake up at the stenchy butt crack of dawn and actually help assemble the balloon right in the middle of a residential street. ketchy. The morning was full of wide eyes, bunds of nerves and plenty of HAB puns. The basket only holds three peeps comfortably so we went up in two's. Natalie & Spencer, Me & Chris, Kimmie & Kailey, and Dad & Lisa. When you’re not on the ba-yoon then you get to be a part of the Balloon Chase Team....or no one calls it. Since there isn’t much control of where the balloon will land we had to try to chase the balloon via car...let's be honest...we just followed the actual BCT. 

When it was husb and my turn to hop inside I fully expected to survive off of an adrenaline high and be screaming with excitement. But slowly floating into the air was surprisingly really calm and peaceful {except for the loud blaze sound each & every time he hit the fire lever}. We drifted over farm fields and looked down on houses and tiny peeps. It was awesome. And I actually feel like it never really happened…like a dream, maybe? I wouldn’t actually believe that it really did happen if it weren’t for the millions of pictures and vids we took. Cold, hard proof.

We capped the morning off with an aeronauts ceremony…initiating us into the club apparently. It was legit…we had to kneel on a HAB fabric thing, and recite a HAB poem and toast with sparkling cider and errything. I feel cool. It was a fantastic experience. Hey ya'll.......HAB a HABBY day.
{the HAB gang.}
{Fillin her up...}
{Just in the middle of a street. That thing is huge}
{Ready to fly}
{saying our prayers}
{That's us up there in that teeny basket}
{bucket list item #16: CHECK!}


  1. Thnaks for your comment. Btw I've been wanting to ride a hot air ballon for awhile but I'm so scared of heights but this is def on my bucket list. I think I might just try it after all. It looks like so much fun : )

  2. That looks like so much fun! I've always wanted to do that!


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