Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today I have been married to this guy for exactly 3 1/2 years. ♥

I realize that I have been elusive as of late. I know not fully why. Just one of those phases. But I miss blogging. I miss my favorite therapy of writing out my thoughts and happenings.  So...just in case anyone was wondering...
  • Why yes I did just get my hair done! Colored mostly brownie instead of blondie. And my hairstylist and I have mutually decided that next appointment I am either getting volume extensions or getting a stylish collar-bone length cut. {!!!}
  • Yes, actually, we are currently house hunting. Change is inevitable with us, peeps. & The interior design beast is just about exploding out of me. TGFP {thank goodness for pinterest}
  • As a matter of fact I did just recently stumble upon the ‘Live Life List’ {aka bucket list} that Chris and I made togeth over two years ago. And after reviewing our pathetic progress I found that we have only done 3 of the 50 things on the list in the past 2 years. 1.) Be on TV 2.) Ride a hot air balloon 3.) Get on the jumbotron at a pro sports game.  Time to jump on the adventure train. Express lane please.  
  • Of course,yes, I have obvi still been watching the Bach-ette. But I was so pissed that my idiot picks were both eliminated on the same episode. At this point I really want Sean to win but think that Arie will. And then Sean should be the Bachelor please.  But ALSO…..How awkward was that Doug kiss?!?! Just ambushed her face. Best moment so far. Hahaha! Poor guy.
  • Mmmmhmm….yesterday we got a little taste of the monsoon season that is coming up. I love it. So much.
  • I'm sure everyone cares that.....I am on a mad hunt for good skinny jeans. MAD meaning unsuccessful. My biggest challenge has been finding a long length option. I have spider legs and I want these guys to be long enough for me to be able to fold up at the ends. Recommendations are most definitely welcomed & encouraged. 
Time for SYTYCD. Love & steak fries for all. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

29 hours in pictures

My baby brothe was gonna be in Vegas for the edc concert for the weekend...and my baby sista was going to meet him I flew on up to fun-it-out with the littles. And fun it out we did. So worth it. 
Explored the 'World's biggest gift shop'

Got toasting crazy with the frozen taste treat delights of delish
Scottee may have won and lost some monies at various casinos on the strip

It is easy to get lost in the Venetian for a case anyone was wondering. 
Shopped our bums off in the largest Forev21 on the flat earth. Stressful just to step inside. Must buy any and all.  
My new wax BFFs. Look at Britney glaring at me.'s been like 25 years since you two dated Brit...time to get over it please
The wax museum was surprisingly fun. And there is a very random haunted house thing in the middle of it...just for chips and gigs
Dunking on Shaq
Snoop D-O double GG
Can you tell who that is? Two guesses only. 
Sideburn glasses. Oh hilarity!
Waiting for our food delivery . So we owled in the hotel lobby.

Shock Shockers....are one of my all time fave candies. So I bought them and ate them all and hurt my tongue in the process. I miss those guys. 
Hit the pool in the morn then dropped me at the airport after one very full day togeth.

There is no way for me to not be sap when I talk about my brother. I love him so much.  I wish Phoenix and Portland were neighbors. You miss me. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012


On Tuesday morning this earth lost one of it's most precious gems. And today I attended an amazing funeral for that beautiful girl, my sweet cousin JaKelle Westergard. That use of the word ‘beautiful’ is as sincere as can be. Beautiful inside and out. Anyone who has ever met JaKelle would agree with me in saying that she is like a dancing mixture of smiles, sunshine and Taylor Swift songs :)

There were hundreds of people at the funeral today. The church was packed to the very brim. And it was not a surprise at all. JaKelle and the Westergard family are so so loved. For as long as I can remember I have admired this family. And I still do. Such genuinely good people, with good hearts and just love each other so much. Being able to be in the room with the family as they offered up a family prayer and said their goodbyes before closing JaKelle's casket for the last time is an experience I will never forget. So much unconditional love. I look up to them and hope to raise my family to be that same way.

Just three months ago JaKelle was living her happy teenage life. Right after spring break she got sick and was admitted into the hospital with pneumonia. After a week and a half she took a really bad turn. I worried and hoped and prayed along with countless others. Getting family text updates....and always hoping it was going to be good news. Numerous surgeries and twelve weeks later her body was done and she was called back up to Heaven.

It's hard to understand how something like this could happen to such a sweet and healthy girl in a family of good people. It's hard and incredibly emotional and without a knowledge and belief that there is so much more after this life it would be impossible.

JaKelle and her family and her friends have inspired me in a lot of ways. And strengthened my beliefs...

I believe in God. I believe in prayer. That prayer has power. I believe in the light of Christ. I believe that some people carry it around with them and pass it onto others maybe without even knowing it. I believe in beauty. And I believe that beauty comes from within and shines outwardly. I believe that families can be together for all eternity. I believe that people are in your life for a reason. I believe that there is a plan for us. I believe that Jakelle had a mission on this earth and has a mission in heaven that she has served and will serve faithfully and perfectly. I believe that the effects of Jakelle’s death and the example of Jakelle’s life will reach farther than any one of us can comprehend. I am thankful for JaKelle. And I love her.

Jakelle's cute friends made multiple tribute videos. This is just one that shows how much she is loved. 

{Earlier this week I saw some traffic coming to my blog from a site I didn't recognize. I found that it was JaKelle's blog. She hasn't posted for almost a year. But just from her blog page you can tell a lot about her. Her main picture is of her family and the first three things on her sidebar: Smile, Dance, and (most importantly) Families are Forever. She knew what was important in life at just 17. She will be so missed}