Wednesday, June 13, 2012

29 hours in pictures

My baby brothe was gonna be in Vegas for the edc concert for the weekend...and my baby sista was going to meet him I flew on up to fun-it-out with the littles. And fun it out we did. So worth it. 
Explored the 'World's biggest gift shop'

Got toasting crazy with the frozen taste treat delights of delish
Scottee may have won and lost some monies at various casinos on the strip

It is easy to get lost in the Venetian for a case anyone was wondering. 
Shopped our bums off in the largest Forev21 on the flat earth. Stressful just to step inside. Must buy any and all.  
My new wax BFFs. Look at Britney glaring at me.'s been like 25 years since you two dated Brit...time to get over it please
The wax museum was surprisingly fun. And there is a very random haunted house thing in the middle of it...just for chips and gigs
Dunking on Shaq
Snoop D-O double GG
Can you tell who that is? Two guesses only. 
Sideburn glasses. Oh hilarity!
Waiting for our food delivery . So we owled in the hotel lobby.

Shock Shockers....are one of my all time fave candies. So I bought them and ate them all and hurt my tongue in the process. I miss those guys. 
Hit the pool in the morn then dropped me at the airport after one very full day togeth.

There is no way for me to not be sap when I talk about my brother. I love him so much.  I wish Phoenix and Portland were neighbors. You miss me. 

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  1. Went to vegas last winter and had so much fun! No place like it, hope you had a blast!


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