Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today I have been married to this guy for exactly 3 1/2 years. ♥

I realize that I have been elusive as of late. I know not fully why. Just one of those phases. But I miss blogging. I miss my favorite therapy of writing out my thoughts and happenings.  So...just in case anyone was wondering...
  • Why yes I did just get my hair done! Colored mostly brownie instead of blondie. And my hairstylist and I have mutually decided that next appointment I am either getting volume extensions or getting a stylish collar-bone length cut. {!!!}
  • Yes, actually, we are currently house hunting. Change is inevitable with us, peeps. & The interior design beast is just about exploding out of me. TGFP {thank goodness for pinterest}
  • As a matter of fact I did just recently stumble upon the ‘Live Life List’ {aka bucket list} that Chris and I made togeth over two years ago. And after reviewing our pathetic progress I found that we have only done 3 of the 50 things on the list in the past 2 years. 1.) Be on TV 2.) Ride a hot air balloon 3.) Get on the jumbotron at a pro sports game.  Time to jump on the adventure train. Express lane please.  
  • Of course,yes, I have obvi still been watching the Bach-ette. But I was so pissed that my idiot picks were both eliminated on the same episode. At this point I really want Sean to win but think that Arie will. And then Sean should be the Bachelor please.  But ALSO…..How awkward was that Doug kiss?!?! Just ambushed her face. Best moment so far. Hahaha! Poor guy.
  • Mmmmhmm….yesterday we got a little taste of the monsoon season that is coming up. I love it. So much.
  • I'm sure everyone cares that.....I am on a mad hunt for good skinny jeans. MAD meaning unsuccessful. My biggest challenge has been finding a long length option. I have spider legs and I want these guys to be long enough for me to be able to fold up at the ends. Recommendations are most definitely welcomed & encouraged. 
Time for SYTYCD. Love & steak fries for all. 


  1. True religion skinny jeans are stupidly long!

  2. Thought I'd return the favor & check out your blog. Have to say, I love it! I would definitely try Seven for All Mankind jeans. A little pricey, but definitely worth it.

    ps. LOVE your phrase "TGFP". I'm a Pintrest fiend and can definitely relate.

  3. I second the Seven's redo!! They are crazy long, I have to have my hemmed :) PS I have been unsuccessful in my search for the perfect skinny's. Probably because these legs of mine are best described as athletic and NOT skinny. Oh well!!

  4. Ok I have to RE-comment because there were far too many spelling/grammar errors to just let it lie. "Redo" was suppose to be reco (like recommendation) and "my hemmed" should have been mine hemmed. That's all.


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