Tuesday, July 24, 2012

At the Aqua.

Aqua-reeee-ummmm. That’s how it’s pronounced...in case you didn't know. We ditched work & went to the Tempe Aquarium to celebrate my lovely sister Christie and her Daughter Lydia’s birthday {same exact day} last week. It was a better-than-expected attraction watching all the swimming-in-their-own-poop sea life swim around in circles trying to find a way out of never ending clear tanks. I just feel bad for those guys. Not for the fact that they are all in captivity. I’m totally fine with that. I mean they get protection from deadly sharks & octopiii and get their favorite foods just put right into their homes everyday without fail. I'd take that. But I do just feel bad for their minds & memories. Some of those suckers only have 5 second memories {those fish behind me and happy face up there}. 5 seconds and then rewind! There is no point to their lives. None whatsoev. And THAT is why lots of vegetarians eat fish. Or so I imagine. I actually have no idea and only knew one vegetarian who did eat fish. And that is what I ponder on at night. So yeah...we went to the aquarium and had fun. Sea turtle, sting rays, eels and all!

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