Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Red, White and Blue...oh my.

The one day in the whole calendar year that we actually welcome the weather to be scorching hot enough to melt our freckled skin off so that we can BBQ and swim all red, white and blue day. And that is the one day that there is a T-storm in the freakin forecast and it was like 80 degs. No matter for our lot...we moved the BBQ inside and focused on the food instead of the swim. Worth it as all of it was pleasing to the pupils as well as the taste buds. see...

{Look at my mom eating 28 cake pops down there. can't decide what's cuter...the food or the mom}

Chris, Kimmie and I brilliantly planned to attend the DBacks game on the night of the fourth. Brilliant because it's in a closed-in stadium with sweet AC and a huge FIREWORK show at the conclus. It was a jam packed merry mad house but lotsa fun for us humans. At about inning three I was bored and was forced to entertain myself with cold stone {fudge & caramel} and popcorn {lackluster}. Then I moved on to taking pictures of us-selves. And then I moved onto watching the people of the hour…like the lady with the limbs way too skinny for the amount of boob she had. And the other older gentle-lady with the 3 inch long arm hairs and the ability to slam cold ones. Hey…I’m not judgin…just appreciating my surroundings. 

{That bottom left pic. That is a full blown pool in the outfield. Because why not?}

The fireworks/music show was amaze and worth the wait. Maybe the only thing that could have made the night better would be if the DBacks had won so that when the game was over and everyone was leaving and I waved my mini American flag out of our sunroof and yelled Happy Fourth of July to the masses of people {to try to make some friends} who were walking away from the stadium... I would’ve gotten more than one lonely & pathetic “woohoo”...

I still love the USA anyway. real LOVE. Until next time mini flag...


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