Saturday, July 28, 2012

Today it's all about him.

Well he did win the famous Bach-ette draft challenge...fair and square. So he got his choice of any meal in the world...and Mr. Protein-is-my-Life chose ribeye, asparagus and sweet potates. Fitting. And I even let him grill it himself. And then sit in my pink floatie. It was my service for the day. Next season I am going to be a serious Bach prediction competitor....and I may have said that last time when he won...but this time I mean it. 

So between this grilled meal, the day date with our swadorable {sweet & adorb} nieces and the thunderstorm that is happening right this's been a lovely Sat. Have I ever mentioned that I live for weekends? Because I do. 


  1. yum that steak looks delish! Just discovered your blog and now following! I'd love if you followed me back, I'm hosting an iPhone case giveaway currently!

  2. yummm. and now i want steak even though its 12pm. thats fine. i just have to find someone to make it for me now.
    happy weekend!


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