Monday, August 13, 2012


{The slumberman and the slumberdog. Still sleeping when I get up for work.}

Well the sleep monster has made a return. Not that he really ever left. I think it happens all the time I am just too smashed out every time I hit my pillow to get to experience the fun. No secret that Chris does funky things in his sleep all the time. But he took it to a new level this week...maybe it's the Olympics.That would explain nothing but it has been on at our house pretty much non-stop for two weeks. So there's gotta be weird dream-booster there.

So one little night we fell asleep and I was nicely awoken by Chris jumping out of bed and frantically scrambling around for something... anything... to throw at "ALL THOSE MICE... right over there...climbing up the wall by the window!!!!" In my half asleep, drunk-on-dreams state I ask him where they are because I can't see anything but wall.  He points and points his little heart out and finally picks up his clunky shoe and just straight chucks it in that general direction. That seemed to satisfy him and he calmly climbs back into bed and it's like it never happened. Until the next morning when there is light in the room and I see that the mice-killing Nike that was thrown with such force actually broke a bar of the drying rack I had up holding my non-drying delicates. Just snapped it in half. But at least the mice problem was taken care of... haha!

Days later on another exciting night the slumberman jumps out of bed {as per usual} and runs over and flips on the lights, opens the door to the hallway, takes a wide leg bended-knee stance {ha!} and loudly exclaims "Trabe are not going to believe what is in the bathroom...haha...look muddy pigs...there are muddy pigs in the bathroom!" Him laughing in amazement at what is in our bathroom is my favorite part. My least fave part was the lights coming on....he knows that I absolutely cannot stand for any lights to be on when I'm sleeping. So once I awoke from his urgent pig message and propped myself up on my elbows and told him that there, in fact, weren't any pigs in the bathroom....he came to, looked around, and immediately started apologizing like crazy. Hit the lights and neither of us remembered anything the next morning...until we were talking on the phone during lunch and I asked if that had really happened. And we laughed and laughed and laughed. He is hilar.

I am sensing a theme here. With the animals. I really need to figure out how I can get these episodes recorded. For memories and blackmail :)

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