Thursday, September 13, 2012

A spot for a student.

Look at that little sour patch kid. So you know when you go to visit your little sister who just moved out for the first time and into her very first college apartment...and it makes you feel like you're still a college student that never left and all you want to do is go to paint parties and stay up all night doing pranks and slamming energy drinks? Yes, I do. But then you just fall asleep because you're old. ew.

Kimmie and I road tripped up to St. George to help that Dixie Stater get some color & chevron in her college apartment life. And now it's adorable. And we miss her.

Before {can someone make me use my real camera next time?}...


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  1. Aw I want to stay up late drinking energy drinks and pulling pranks with you again! I miss that. Her room looks so cute!


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