Monday, September 10, 2012

Gilbert to Gilbert

Over here in our corner of the world we've been busy making some big changes. As my Dad would say...we've been "creating the life we want". Deciding what direction we want to go in and making it happen. So...most excitingly....Chris took a new job at Yelp!! the app/website. He works out of the Scottsdale office. Once he decided to start looking for new opportunities he quickly had a handful of options. We spent some time making the best decision and Yelp filled our checklist right up to the top. He's been there now for over a month and is thriving and loving like craze. Thankyouplease blessings.

The second bit of news is...we moved into a new house! Just a Gilbert to Gilbert move. We found a lovely and perfect house in an adorable neighborhood just about 12 minutes away from our last place. We're just really happy about it. And we love that we were able to carry out our plan of having my sis Kimmie and her pup Kobe living with us too! 

We were very particular while looking at dozens of houses because we knew the exact floor plan we wanted for our situation. When Kimmie { I refer to her} first moved here from San Diego she was staying with us temporarily. It was SO nice having her because besides her fun-ness her contribution to the house was grocery shopping, cooking dinner ever night and cleaning the kitchen. That's three WORST things in the world. Chris and I would come home from work every day and have dinner already on the table. Best ever. I just can't grab a hold of the "I enjoy cooking" trend. So it worked so well that when our lease was ending and we were weighing our living sitch options...we talked with Kimmie who was planning on getting her own place but didn't really want to live alone....and we all decided it would be best to get a house together. Kimmie still cooks, the dogs have each other to hang out with the 9 hours a day that we're all gone, and we both have our own "houses" within our house. Chris and I have most of the downstairs and K-Squared (Kiz & Kobe) have most of the upstairs. It's so handy. I love having my house with Chris and Hooshie. And having my sister/best friend always there whenever we need each other too (plus an extra closet full of clothes). And Chris actually gets fed. Perfect for all of us.

So my recent days have been spent being all over the decorating of new house named Bart. I love putting ideas together and seeing how I can carry them out. Although I am terrible at making final decisions. It's slowly coming together. Kimmie finished her living room within a week. That's the difference between us. I have to weigh every option. And she just likes to get shiz done. There's a lot that I love about the house but my abso favorite thing is that it is brand spankin new and was just finished being built when we got it. I know a lot of people love houses with "old charm" and a little bit of history. But I personally love knowing that no one else has ever lived their life within these walls doing who knows what. Yadida mean? Very comforting. I love you Bart.

More pictures will come soon. Believe you me.


  1. How cute! I am from Gilbert and my family still lives there- I love that town!

  2. What a cute house! And how exciting with all the changes in your life! I know you love change just as much as I do :)
    You're making me want to move to AZ. One day, hopefully soon!


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