Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ha ha hang them pictures

I went out of town less than a week after moving in. So naturally I left my husb with a medium sized list of things for him to get done around the house. Since I knew he would appreciate a break from ESPN {haha. not}. One main thing I was looking forward to coming home to was all the stuff being hung on the walls. It just makes the house feel put together when walls aren't empty. When I got home everything was looking mighty fine. All those tasks done like a champ. Then I go into our bathroom....


And I almost bust a literal gut. You see...I asked Chris to hang this picture on the wall across the from the toilet. I didn't bother to tell him to center it with the towel bar...because I thought that was a given as it is the only thing on that wall. By "on the wall across from the toilet" I meant...on the wall that is across from the toilet. He took it as on the wall and across from the toilet. So he centered it to the toilet. See the difference there? It's the difference between men and women. And now I will need to show you the picture because I cannot look at it any more myself in fear that I might die. From too much laughter. This is the centering surprise. Ready......aim.....

Hahaha. Hilar. Just a litttttle more to the left there. Ohh I love you Chris. I should've taken a pic of the whole room but it's not nearly ready for people's eyes yet. But I will share another hanging casualty from the neighboring wall. Is the shelf too the picture too high...who knows really? I love him for trying.


  1. lol thats REALLY sweet that he tried:)

  2. HAHA So funny Melissa! I Love it! My mom was telling me about your blog post on the phone, and we had a good laugh together. We have our own fair share of stories like this. Hahaha Love husbands!

  3. Bahahaha I am dying. This is the exact same thing I run into with Dillon. I thought guys were supposed to be good at these things?! Dillon hung up our "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" sign like a million inches above our headboard. Someone wouldn't even see it unless they looked up for it. HA. HA. Hahahaha.


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