Tuesday, October 2, 2012


{We went to a wedding.}
Ahhhh this beautiful life. It's a roller coaster, isn't it? Sometimes you sleep in past 10 and fit into your skinny jeans even after a night of brownie batter blizzards and other times you have to eat your soggy breakfast eggs while crying on the toilet {Both of those have happened to me. why do all my memories involve food?}

I'm in a thoughtful mood. Lots on my mind {that must be why I've had weird dreams lately.} I feel like I want to share my jumbled thoughts but it also feels weird putting them out there so i will pass...this time.  

Currently life for us is warm & fuzzy. The past couple of weeks have calmed down a bit. I guess it's the calm before the holiday storm. Right now we are loving our time together. Chris has been so funny lately. Goofy funny and just real funny. He makes me laugh all the time...even when I'm not around him...just the thought of what he said or did the night before. I'm trying to soak up memories because lately I have been feeling like life is going by too fast. Way too fast. Why does that happen when we turn into adults?

Lots of exciting things coming up. We are really looking forward to Chris' parents and sis coming to visit us here in AZ! Lil sis Bethany just got home from a mission to Brazil and we haven't seen that girl in so long. It will be a fun-filled reunion. {!!!!!!!!}

Have a happy hump day. 

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  1. I am in love with those shoes!! You look great :)


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