Friday, November 30, 2012

A Day Date.

 Chris planned a surprise day date for himself & his boo. Me. A rare and very welcomed occasion to take a Saturday to do something out of the ordinary. Loved it. He wouldn't tell me where we were going until we actually got there. Our tooshies showed up in the hills of Jerome, AZ. Ahhhh Jerome. A tourist ghost town. Non-arguably haunted. The biggest ghost town I've ever seen. And the most vertical city in America. A beautiful place. A terrifying vertical drive up the hills. And just rich with history of copper miners and what not. Now, I am not usually one for history. Good historical stories are lost on me. BUT ghost towns are awesome. And eerie. And you just gotta wonder what kinds of things happened in that place. Especially when you walk by the original ol' brothel {House of Joy. ew} that has been turned into a shop of weird creepy things for tourists. And you eat at the Haunted Hamburger. A real haunted house that serves DE-LISH Hambs and steak fries. And you stand over the mine shaft where tons of people died. And you share it with your husb who thinks it's all just the coolest thing ever. Giddy with delight. oh. Just so cool. AND we found a Maverik gas station on the way back. Double points. 

{the Hotel Connor. Belongs to me}



This is what I look like as a flesh eating bone crunching zombie. Ironically, this is also what I look like when I don't want to work at work. 

I'm preparing for all of the possibilities on 12/21/12. This is what I could be looking at in the mirror. Preparation. And curiosity.  

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ohhh so many hind legs.

{Hahahaha! top left and bottom right. hahaha. rad.}

These are the back legs of a one yittle Mr. Hooshington. We find these legs in a creative cross at least one time on the daily. Usually when he's laying on the chevron rug trying to camouflage the situation. We always get a chuckle out of it and snap a picture before he gets embarrassed. Then we send them to each other when we're at our respective workplaces the next day. I always hope Chris will get it when he is in a meeting maybe mid-sip of a Red he might cough-laugh and it will make a big commotion and he will have to show everyone what the big deal was. " was just the way our dog crosses his back legs when he's laying down". Hahahaha. Stupidly perfect. One day...

Friday, November 9, 2012

The long necks

It seems that every time I get around to doing a blog post it's a repeat of the last "awesome" thing we did. It seems that every thing we do is awesome. It seems I can't find any other words. And this is no exception to the awesomeness.

Sometimes we just really need to get away soooo last weekend we took a trip over to California to visit the Hayes'. Hit up the San Diego Zoo. Hit up Slaters 50/50. Hit up some family time. Another awesome {see.} weekend.

Highlight of the Zoo was the Long Necks... a.k.a Giraffes {as some may call them}. What a friendly bunch. They stretched out their necks and rolled out their 12 foot tongues and ate those snappy biscuits right out of our hands. They even left us with sticky giraffe saliva as a souvenir. Really cool. I miss them. Awesome awesome awesome.

my SIL Bethany :)

Hello Halloween

1. An Indian Owl perched on the cloud. normal. 
2. Mitt Romney and his binder full of women
3. My little pony & Miss Martini
4. Fitt Romney. Hahaha!
5. Witches legs cupcakes & reeses pieces cookies
6. Our Rufferee & Wide Retriever. Big hits with the kiddos. 
7. A butterfly, an Indian Owl & an actual cute owl

My Halloween Day 2012. Decided to grace my workplace with my owl presence for the day. Scooped up third place in the office costume contest with my Indian Owl {which most thought that I was...naturally with my wings and moccasins...because that's a thing}. Hustled home to joined my fellow winged creature nieces for some trick or treating. Lucy was scared of everything and Lydia just wanted to eat the candy as soon as she got it. So pretty much just like their every day life. Loved seeing all of the millions {almost literally} of trick-o-treaters we got at our door. Our 5 bags of candy were gone before 8 pm. Loves it.

I still haven't taken down my Hallow decor. I'm in denial.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


We went to another awesome concert. in Phoenix.

Scotty McCreery. The Band Perry. & Brad Paisley.

Love them all.

Wore a denim shirt and almost finished off an entire fatty Chipotle burrito on the way there. I'm impressed with myself for both reasons.

Anyway, Brad puts on an ah-mah-zing show. And he's funny and lovable.

It was a beautiful night & we all got a contact high from the weed smokers surrounding us on the lawn. Headache nation. But another musical memory made.

Thank you Lisa!!!