Friday, November 9, 2012

Hello Halloween

1. An Indian Owl perched on the cloud. normal. 
2. Mitt Romney and his binder full of women
3. My little pony & Miss Martini
4. Fitt Romney. Hahaha!
5. Witches legs cupcakes & reeses pieces cookies
6. Our Rufferee & Wide Retriever. Big hits with the kiddos. 
7. A butterfly, an Indian Owl & an actual cute owl

My Halloween Day 2012. Decided to grace my workplace with my owl presence for the day. Scooped up third place in the office costume contest with my Indian Owl {which most thought that I was...naturally with my wings and moccasins...because that's a thing}. Hustled home to joined my fellow winged creature nieces for some trick or treating. Lucy was scared of everything and Lydia just wanted to eat the candy as soon as she got it. So pretty much just like their every day life. Loved seeing all of the millions {almost literally} of trick-o-treaters we got at our door. Our 5 bags of candy were gone before 8 pm. Loves it.

I still haven't taken down my Hallow decor. I'm in denial.

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