Friday, November 9, 2012

The long necks

It seems that every time I get around to doing a blog post it's a repeat of the last "awesome" thing we did. It seems that every thing we do is awesome. It seems I can't find any other words. And this is no exception to the awesomeness.

Sometimes we just really need to get away soooo last weekend we took a trip over to California to visit the Hayes'. Hit up the San Diego Zoo. Hit up Slaters 50/50. Hit up some family time. Another awesome {see.} weekend.

Highlight of the Zoo was the Long Necks... a.k.a Giraffes {as some may call them}. What a friendly bunch. They stretched out their necks and rolled out their 12 foot tongues and ate those snappy biscuits right out of our hands. They even left us with sticky giraffe saliva as a souvenir. Really cool. I miss them. Awesome awesome awesome.

my SIL Bethany :)

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