Sunday, December 9, 2012

And the crows for the win!

So we totally scored a date with the two cutest little sweet faced, always wanna be held, nute-nack-poppin baby girls. Nute nacks are Fruit Snacks for those not trained in Lucy speech. We planned this Nieces date and were just dying for it alllllll weeeek looooooooooooong. So, last sat-day fun-day Chris & I took little Lydia and Lucy to the Phoenix Zoo. loved it.

Kicked it off feeding the giraffes. Lucy was a champ. With how much she talked about only wanting to see the "yittle animals" all week we were surprised that she fed that long neck no prob. They were kind of overstimulated and didn't show nearly as much emotion at each animal as Chris and I did. "Ohhhhhhh myyyyy gooooooshhh...look at the Cheetah...he's for reeeeeeal". That's me. This is Lucy. *nod yes*.

Favorite animales of the day. Baboons, goats, elephants, and flamingos.  But...BUT...the win goes to the plain ol' crow that came down from the sky to grab a nute nack that Lyddie dropped while we were waiting to feed the Giraffes. thrilling...that crow.

We love our little ninis. And we count that date as a success. A full day with a 1 year old and a 3 year old and no meltdowns. money. Afterwards we took the little tykes to Targ to pick out ornaments to remember our date. So romantic. The girls each chose their favorite animal ornament. Luce got a pink elephant and Lyd chose the pink monkey. Memory locked.

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