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March 29, 2008. Chris and I met for the first time after seeing each other around campus all semester {the first time I saw him was when he was playing in a basketball game... and I nicknamed him "hot arms". and they were}. We were both going to school at BYU-I in Rexburg, ID.  Chris went out with some of his roommates on a Saturday night. I went out with some of my roommates on a Saturday night. And we both happened to go to {the only thing that is ever going on on weekends in Rexburg} a dance party.  A graffiti dance party…at Hard Hat steak house…to be exact. My roommate knew his roommate…they were talking…I stepped in to talk to them…then he stepped in to talk to me. I said I was from Texas. He said he had lived in Texas. Then we got married. Well...nine months later....

That summer...the best summer & semester ever...I let him fall in love with me. We spent the sum each other's quirks....and pretty much defending our relationship from the yucky drama of jealous friends and bitter exes. Srsly. But mostly just spent it in love...talking, road trips, concerts, skipping class, jamba, sports games, etc.

Dating pic! Summer 2008
We were engaged just months later on 8/8/08. The babe face surprised me and showed up at my Mom's house {in WA} with roses, the ring he had designed, and a proposal. He was so nervous that he never actually said the words "will you marry me". Haha! He says he most def did ...but I think it was all in his nervous and giddy mind. 

One of our engagement pics. So serious :) Fall 2008.
That fall was too too long. We lived an hour and a half away from each other. And we tried to plan our wedding throughout more drama with our wedding plans PLUS me and two of my sister were all getting married within 5 months of each other. yeah. But we made it through that fall. And on December 27, 2008 we were sealed for time and eternity, during the biggest month of snow storms the pacific northwest had ever seen, in the gorgeous Portland, Oregon Temple. It was meant to be. And it is perfect. We love each other.

A sweet wedding pic moment. Winter 2008
Once we were married all the drama ended and our beautiful life together began.  We lived 7 months in Idaho, 8 months in Washington, then got a lil crazy & decided on a whim to pack up our stuff and move down to the unknown land of Arizona where we've been for almost 2 years. We've lived in 5 different dwellings. And added the one little puppin to our family in 2010.

Currently we're in the stage between newlywed life and starting a family...and it's pretty awesome. We've made our life adventure list {highly recommended} and are just enjoying our time together and trying new things. We want to have kids, we want to find our dream jobs and we want to design a house. But that will all come in due time, young lads. 2012 is our year of FUU-HUN...and it started out perfect.  This is life as it stands.

Our teeny fam of three. Winter 2011


  1. i love love stories.. SOOOO CUTE!!!


  2. Love this. I can totally relate to drama before getting married. Not. Fun. At. All. You guys are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute together. Gorgeous couple!


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